February Update


Hello again! 

I made decent progress with Nocti in February. Lot of little areas mapped out and plans for NPC systems in the works. Yes, systems. Since a lot of the characters in Nocti are going to be people (or characters capable of speech) and the theme of the game is not loneliness, I thought it would be interesting to try and make NPC dialogue a little more interesting for players. 

I’m hoping on doing something like Stardew Valley without the gift giving. You’ll be able to talk to people during each visit to the Other World, and depending on how often you talk to them their dialogue might change. They’ll also comment on effects you might be wearing, or if something has happened in the world. 

Getting to know the characters is completely optional and I don’t want to make players stressed about having to visit NPCS every trip or else they lose out on dialogue, so it probably won’t be a very complicated system. There’s also going to be several shortcuts to different worlds and eventually a mode of quick travel (that I still don’t know how I’m going to sprite the area for…) So getting to NPCs you take interest in shouldn’t be too hard.

I’m also probably going to be giving NPCs face sets, but they won’t be in pixel art. As much as I would love a fully pixel art game, A pixel portrait takes a bit longer to make than just drawing one out. I’ll try to make sure that the style isn’t too wildly different from the rest of the game at least. 

For March I’m taking a break from Nocti to work on other projects. Some of them even game related. Like this one!


Wow! A platformer!! please don’t expect anything special though. I’ve started to realize that I’m only really interested in making narrative focused games, so this one’s gonna be super short. 

Thank you for sticking with Nocti’s development! It’s slow but steady, and I hope you all enjoy the finished product when it eventually comes out. :)

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