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AboutPlay as the titular Nocti, a young girl on an important quest to collect all of the Orbs of Creation. Guide her through the strange Otherworld, meet new people, crush sandcastles, and learn more about your journey and the world you've found yourself in. 

This is a complete remake of the orignal Dream Diary Jam 1 version, containing all of the worlds that were available in it, plus some extras. There are currently 6 effects to find, and 6ish worlds to explore. The game is still in development, things are subject to change. 

How to playX/Enter/Left Mouse click: Confirm button
Z/Esc/Right Mouse click: Cancel button
Arrow Keys/Right Mouse click: Movement
Shift: Run Button (You automatically run with mouse clicks)

These buttons do not have mouse equivelants:
Enter: Speed up dialogue text
Page Down: Skip through text
1: Use Effect
3: Use "Wake Up" Effect
Effects can be triggered via menu and text speed is changable in the Options menu. 

The game is inspired by Yume Nikki and plays similarly. Travel to different areas, collect Effects and Orbs, and return home if you get stuck. 

Things of noteThe game currently does not have an "ending" state, but there are no major updates to the storyline once you collect the Yellow Orb.

  • The south path of the Nexus is empty right now, it will be the first thing expanded upon in the next update. 
  • Nocti is intended for ages 16 and up. Player discretion is advised. The current demo is for all ages but the game will not continue to be this way in later updates. 
  • I do not own a mac and can not test the mac version of the game. I apologize if it doesn't work. 

If you find any bugs please let me know! Please enjoy!


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Lovely game, great graphics and some really creative settings! There's only one orb available to collect so far, right?


Hello! Thank you for the kind words. At the moment there's only the yellow orb available to find. Sometime early 2023 I'll have an update that will contain three more orbs and a bunch of new content to see! :)

It has happened, again..


Heads up. Someone made a fake game page of your game. I’ve reported it and I suggest you do so too. Sorry this has happened. https://gronuur.itch.io/noctis


what the hell? I don't know why someone would even do that for a game like mine. Thank you for the heads up.

Deleted 302 days ago
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Great Yume Nikki inspired game! I love the amount of detail in each area. Being able to interact with a lot of little things helps elevate the experience a lot. It helps the player understand what kind of character Nocti is without being told directly. I like that there’s a larger story going on, but there’s also a bunch of smaller stories scattered around as well. It adds a lot of charm to the game. The options menu is pretty detailed as well which is a nice bonus!

Overall, this was a great time! Looking forward to seeing the finished version! 

Very nice! stuck on the white plains tho, any advice? thank you for the game keep it up!

what are you looking for in the white plains? There's sets of pillars you can walk through to go to new areas, and a well to explore. The only way to leave the area at the moment is to return to the main island and then go back to the nexus. There will be ways to get out of there in future updates. :)

Thank you I was going crazy!


I completely forgot you can leave comments here. I talked about it on twitter a couple of months ago but I want to also share some of my thoughts here.
I really enjoyed playing this demo, I was really impressed by the world and characters! First, there's A LOT to explore and look at. Second, every character has personality and it was fun talking to each one of them! You can see that the dev put a lot of thought into making this world interesting and charming. Third, it just looks good visually and aesthetically :)
I understand it's hard when you're an indie game dev but I'm looking forward to see this game finished one day. In the meantime I would love to support you! :D


Hi, I'm a Spanish developer.

I've tried your game and I really like it. I have seen some bugs such as that I cannot save the game or that I can cross the temple of the sun through the roof. Keep an eye on the obstacle squares please hahaha.

About the lore of the game is always interesting and maintains a very pleasant aura of mystery. The graphics are just beautiful and the songs go along well. This project has a future.

I also wanted to ask if you are interested in a future Spanish translation. Maybe I can help you.

Greetings and continue like this: D

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Hi! If you are playing version 0.10 the save feature is accidentally broken. It should work with the newest version I uploaded, version 0.11. I downloaded it myself to make sure it was working. 

The roof will be fixed in a future update. Im embarassed that I didn't catch it before. The tiles are correct on every tileset except the one where they're needed, oops... 

Also I would love a future spanish translation! 

Thank you for playing Nocti! :D


i’m so excited to see nocti on this year’s ddj!

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This looks really good! Can't wait for the finished game!

Edit- It doesn't start. Like, it's a white screen with no name.

hmm... I don't know why it wouldn't work. I haven't changed it since I did some bug fixing last year. I'll take a look into it when I can