April Update

Hello, and welcome back to my Nocti devlogs! A lot has happened since the last time I posted, including me losing and then regaining access to my itch account. Fun times! The game files for Nocti were not changed in any way that I'm aware of, so it's still safe to download the demo. Shout out to Itch's customer service, they are lovely.

I've started to be a good game designer and make scratch sprites in order to quickly lay out what I want and where. This is something that I should have done since the beginning because it's made development go so much faster, but you live and you learn. Instead of spending hours and hours on sprites to realize I want to drastically change and area (which has happened more than once!!) I've been able to throw some color blobs together in half an hour and make sure everything looks cohesive and is selling the vibe I want. Granted, I still have to make these prototypes into something that looks nice, but I now have almost every map for the next update figured out, so I just need to hunker down and start rendering stuff. 

A wip screenshot of Nocti. There are tall cliff walls and a grass area that transitions to dirt. The bush and tree sprites are from other parts of the game, but there are some wip telephone poles and a wip street sign on the right side of the screen.
A screenshot of a wip ocean area in Nocti. The ground is a dark blue, and there are dark blue numbers placed around. In the top left corner is a circle with notches in the cardinal directions and the right side of the image shows some wip cliff and seaweed sprites.
A screenshot of a wip area. The walls are a tree canopy, but the lightest green tiles have the text "tree" on them. There are some smaller trees near the bottom lower part of the image.

I haven't started any eventing yet, but there's going to be a lot of new and updated dialogue in this update, so you may want to go to places you've already visited to see if anythings changed. When this update is done it'll go all the way from 0.1 to 0.4, and the number of maps will have doubled, and you'll be able to get halfway through the plot of the game!

I can't guarantee anything but I am pretty confident that I can get this update finished by the end of the year.
Thanks for reading! Hope you have a good day :)

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