A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Play as Nocti, a young girl who can transport herself to a strange world through the tree next to her house. Find effects, step on sandcastles and find secrets! (there's only one secret)

The Jam version has 4 findable effects, 4 and a ...half? worlds to explore, and approximately 3 events. 

The game is going to be reworked now that the Jam is over and I'm not on a time limit. Maps will change drastically and be made richer and more fun to walk around. This is like a small slice of the Nocti pie (that hasn't been put in the oven yet...) so you can get a taste of the sprite art style and general feel I'm going for.

Please enjoy!


Nocti Jam fixes MAC.zip 48 MB
Nocti Jam fixes PC.zip 90 MB

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